Dining Room Table – How to choose the right dining room table?

Dining Room Table

So you’re trying to choose a dining room table and realizing that you’re overwhelmed with choices? Any furniture decisions can lead to a dizzying array of pieces to pick from, but in most houses the dining room table does tend to take center stage. It’s where you’ll enjoy family meals and is usually the centre piece of any holiday. It’s no wonder that you want to get it just right! Depending on the specific function of your table and your lifestyle in general, there are a few important points to consider.


Kind of a no brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people fall in love with a particular table and just assume it’ll fit because of their attachment to it. It’s a great idea to not only measure the floor space you’ve got available, but to also consider other elements in your home that you don’t want to block. The table might fit in the space allocated, but what about your seating? It’s pretty inconvenient to have to eat with your chest mashed into a table to avoid pressing against the chesterfield behind you! The size of the table isn’t the only piece to the “does it fit” puzzle, so consider all of the combined elements.


Rectangle, square, circle, octagon…the choices are pretty endless as to the shape you’d like to have. If you’re not limited by space in your home, then consider the utility of the table and your family size to help make this choice. If you have a family that enjoys hosting dinners, you’ll want to consider how many people can comfortably sit around your table. Since a number of tables come with sliders and inserts, it may be that your family of 4 can sit regularly at a smaller table and just pop the inserts in when company is coming. Also, you must consider the utility of your table when it comes to the every day use. If junior is a bit clumsy, a sharp cornered glass table might not be in the cards for you just yet.


Look at the style elements and colours in the rest of your home. A farmhouse practically cries out for a long, rectangle shaped wood table and often matching wood benches finish off the look. A more modern home might call for a glass or even metallic finish on a table, shying away from the more traditional wood style. Do you want your table to pop? In a neutral room, a brightly coloured table can certainly stand out. If you’re not sure and don’t want to commit to something that you may tire of, go with a more neutral coloured table and take the opportunity to dress it up with fun table cloths or a runner. Whatever your style, take some clues from the rest of the house and consider how your table choice will tie in with them.


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