How to furnish the perfect bedroom

Furnish The Perfect Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a place of solace; somewhere you enjoy spending time and can go to relax and unwind after the pressures of your day.  Are you starting a design from scratch?  Maybe you’re looking to redecorate to make your space more personal and more to your taste?  Whatever your reason, take a peek below at some of the things you’ll want to consider to make the design process easier and more fun!bedroom-furnish


Are you designing with a theme in mind?  Sometimes this can actually make the design process a little easier since it gives you a starting point.  It may even facilitate the “flow” that you want to achieve since you’re going to be able to immediately veto items that don’t fall into the theme of the room.  Your starting point after the theme is to choose a color palette that will bring the whole room together and display the general mood you’re trying to create.


2.Decor and wall color

Your wall color should fit the theme if there is one, but make sure it suits your personality and decor too.  Think about the moods some colors impart and how they reflect the overall feeling you want from the room.  Yellow, for example, can add a zing to your room for happy mornings, but might make falling asleep more difficult.  If you’re crafty, try your hand at making some decor to personalize your space.  Add meaningful pictures that suit and add those little details that tie a room together and make it entirely yours.


3.Plan ahead

Your design process will be far easier if you take the time to sketch out a plan of the room and the furniture placement within it.  You can do this with a simple pad of paper and pencil (it’s better to use something that you can erase instead of having to scrap the whole project for a simple mistake or change of mind), with a board and “blocks” for your furniture, or even with an online design tool.  Experiment with the placement and see what works best.  Remember to show a close approximate when it comes to size – if your real life bed will take up about 10% of your bedroom space, make sure your sketch reflects that.  You’ll get a more realistic view of what the final result will look like.

4.The basics

It goes without saying that every bedroom needs a bed, but what else do most rooms contain as standard furniture?  A bedside table (on either side if you’ve got anything bigger than a twin), table lamps and at least one dresser round out the must-have pieces.  Some rooms can accommodate more; a lingerie or jewellery chest, or an oval mirror & stand can make beautiful additions.

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