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Automation Control

Audio Excellence has been designing and installing Smart Home projects since 1994, almost 23 years! We’ve done projects for both Commercial and Residential clients. Over the years, control systems have become a lot more sophisticated. You can now control lighting in any or all rooms, lower or raise the shades, play different music in different rooms at different volumes, adjust the temperature, monitor the security cameras, and so much more, all from your phone or iPad. Here is a simple introduction to the wonderful world of Smart Homes:

First, determine what features you would like to have. As mentioned above, some of the more common include:

  • Motorized Shades; perfect for the big windows which let in the beautiful light, but heats up/cools the room too much.

  • Lighting control. Buttons are created for different pre-set scenes. Touch “HOME” and the areas that you want lights to turn on, at the intensity you like, are automatically set. Similarly, “AWAY” would turn all lights off except for the light in the main hallway and the mudroom, both at low levels. “VACATION” would randomly turn lights on and off. “PARTY” would turn all lights on, with different intensities to highlight the food, art and décor. These pre-set scenes are easily accessible from in-wall controls or your phone/iPad.

  • Security Cameras. Install cameras around the perimeter of your home, pool/hot tub and doors/entry ways. Easily monitor anywhere you have wifi or internet access.

  • Climate Control.

  • Music. Play different music in different rooms. You can choose from your music collection or from music services like Spotify/Tidal. Speakers can be installed so they are unobtrusive or even invisible!

  • Create a rugged network for your internet and gaming.Some of the manufacturers we work with include Crestron and Savant Home Automation, Lutron Lighting, NEST Climate control systems, Klipsch, KEF and Stealth invisible speakers, as well as many manufacturers of motorized blinds.

Second, call us and we can meet with your architect, builder and interior designer to help plan and design the best solution for your needs. Always contact us as soon as possible so there is enough time to properly plan and coordinate. 

Audio Excellence also is a distributor of:  Powered Speakers ,  Turntables , Stereo Amplifiers and Home Theatre installation.

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