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Pryma Headphones by Sonus-Faber

Sonus Faber recently released their first headphones, called Pryma (“Pree Mah”). Designed by the same team responsible for the Sonus Faber speakers, Pryma headphones are entirely hand made in Italy at Sonus Faber’s facilities.

Design and Materials

The shell is crafted from premium aluminum for its light weight and strength. A special coating is applied to guarantee that the shell will retain its shine. Tiny holes called Helmet Resonators inside the cup ensure deep and powerful bass.

The drivers are very lightweight Mylar for excellent response and performance with Neodymium magnets. Voice coil is oversized and made of 99.999% oxygen-free copper. Frequency response is rated at 10 – 25,000 Hz, with 118 dB sensitivity, so the Pryma will be easy to drive. You can use it with your phone, tablet or with dedicated headphone amps if you wish.

The headphone is adjustable using a belt/buckle system. Ingenious! Metal hardware uses copper and stainless steel. Very durable and ensures the gorgeous finish will last. The cushion contours around the shape of your ear, delivering isolation without adding bulk.

 The headband is made with the same premium leather used by Italy’s high-end designers. There are 6 colors and finishes of headbands to choose from. Add to that 7 earcup finishes and the options are endless! You can change headbands for a completely different look.

 This is what HiFi + said in its review of the Pryma headphones:

“The Pryma 0|1 – the first headphone design from Sonus faber, a break-out and stand-alone division of the WOM (World of McIntosh) group – does have an extremely good midband, giving rise to excellent vocal articulation. This, coupled with a fine underpinning of deep bass, makes for a very controlled, precise, and deep bass with a good soundstage solidly located somewhere just outside of your head, suggesting lateralisation issues are minimised. This soundstaging benefits from using a really good headphone amp/DAC like the Chord Mojo, but the basic presentation works, as predicted, from a smartphone. The lack of a ¼” jack adaptor in the otherwise thorough packaging suggests the Pryma 0|1 is intended for portable and smartphone use. There is a distinct, and yet surprisingly agreeable ‘slope’ to the sound, with a distinct boost to the upper bass and gently rolled off treble, giving an overall sound as ‘chocolate’ and sophisticated as its looks. Those wanting a bright and extended treble should probably look elsewhere, but those who prefer their sounds less ‘forward’ will find these headphones extremely attractive. I’m hesitating at drawing parallels with Sonus faber’s loudspeaker range, but the comparison is irresistible and probably worthwhile – the similarities in sound quality between the Pryma and Olympica loudspeakers are fairly clear.”

Soundstage Magazine had this to say

“To my mind, Pryma’s 01 headphones have no competition. Their industrial design, high-quality materials, and luxury feel alone put them in a class of their own. They can also be customized with leather headbands of different colors to give them a fresh look. This visual and tactile feast, and the 0|1s’ exciting, dynamic sound, make Pryma’s first headphone model something of a bargain, and a no-brainer for those who want audiophile headphones that look every bit as good as they sound.”

Price is $675 for most of the finishes. Carbon Fiber ear cups with Marsala (reddish brown) headband is $740.

Article Source:
Andrian Low – August 30, 2016—Pryma-Headphones-by-Sonus-Faber/